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Latch Handmade

Founded in June 2014, Singapore-based Latch Handmade was developed from a very spontaneous idea of creating handmade accessories that are inexpensive, exceptional and available for both sexes. 


Our inspiration comes from our travel adventures and from our everyday life. Coming from a design background, what we love the most is that we have our freedom to explore and create anything that we love! From different colour combinations, textures and all sorts of forms to come up with unique products. Customisations from our clienteles play a big role too! Something out of the norm, something we have never thought of, gives us a lot of wild ideas!


Whereas for the quality of bracelet? The idea behind our hand-crafted bracelet is similar to baking: every single piece of the bracelet is freshly made from scratch by us - with dedication and passion for you and your loved ones.


Seeing people happy and content with our products and services is what keeps us going. Without you, we won’t be able to surpass this journey with a big smile on our faces ☺


If you have any comments, feedback or inquiries, do not hesitate to email us at

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Customisation is Available!

Exciting News: Our Pop-Up Returns After 3 Years! 🛍️🎉 


If you'd like to customise your own latch bracelets or see our products in real life,  join us from 6 Nov 2023 to 4 Jan 2024,

at our pop-up located at Takashimaya Department Store, Ladies' Fashion Level 3 (Near Customer Service) 🥰


Please note that customisations are available by appointment only. ✨

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By the way, when I say "we" it literally means just "me" Haha! - To introduce myself, my name is Adrianne and I am the mastermind of Latch Handmade. I’m a craft enthusiast who graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Bachelor Degree in Animation. I grew up learning and appreciating art from having a family who does handmade items. Since I was young, I love to do tiny little bits of crafts and sell it to my neighbours. I remember the first time I managed to sell my own handicrafts at the age of 10 and it was a blissful feeling knowing that I can make people smile with just a little necklace.


Creating handmade products will always be an ecstasy for me, and that is why Latch was born. To be honest, I am crazily in-love and passionate on creating handmade bracelets and my aim for every bracelet sold is to share joy to every bracelet owner.

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from the Maker
With Love,
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