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Customisation Booth Policy
  • Once design is finalised, payment must be done before-hand and collection will be the next working day.

  • Once the bracelet is done, there will be no changes with the stone combinations. If you'd like to change the stones that you've chosen, you'll have to pay for a revision fee of $35. Do take note that the leathers and hardware are not re-usable once glued, hence, the revision fee.

  • Price range varies depending on the semi-precious stones that you will be choosing and the style of your leather - be it in single wrap or a double wrap.

  • There will be no discount given for any customised products. It is our time, effort and production that you're dealing with, so please, do not haggle for discounts.

  • We will try our best to cater with your needs - we will help you throughout the design process on creating a beautiful yet meaningful design, close to your heart.

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