How to Measure

For the perfect fit:

Measure your wrist at the bone area using tape measure

Alternatively, use a string

to get your tight wrist


Then, use a ruler to get the final

dimension of your tight wrist


**Please ONLY provide us the tight wrist measurement as we will add the leeway on our side**

Here’s some tricks to wear your

bracelet! Firstly, Face your palm


Lay your bracelet flat on your

wrist and let both magnets

attract to each other

Make sure to clasp it away

from your wrist so it will not

pinch your skin

**You can watch this video clip to guide you on how to wear your bracelet easily**

How to Care

Wipe your bracelet using clean

cloth after-use and put it back

inside the box

Do not shower or even

swim with it! This is to avoid

wear and tear

Make sure your perfume and

lotion is completely dried-up

before wearing your bracelet

**You can read more about our leather products via Care Instructions Page**

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